Rider Support Program, Big Sky and KTM Adventure Rally

Rider Support Program

Fasst Company/Flexx Handlebars rider support program is now open. Please apply now to be a part of Fasst Company’s 2013 team. Remember our deadline is December 31, 2013.

We prefer all motorcycle sponsorship requests be sent by email to: Parsons@fasstco.com.
For quad sponsorship requests email: CBrinkerhoff@fasstco.com

Big Sky

We’re heading to Big Sky off-road National Championships in Big Sky, Montana August 23-25. We’ll have Flexx Handlebars to demo during your race, as well as offering technical and race support to our all of our #fasstfamily.

KTM Adventure Rally

Stop by and see us at the KTM Adventure Rally in Steamboat Springs, CO Sept. 13-15. We’ll have demos on hand, stop by, we’ll bolt a set on your bike so you can spend the day enjoying the performance Flexx Handlebars offer.

Colt Brinkerhoff National Hare and Hound Round 9 Trail Blazers Race Report ATV A

Colt Brinkerhoff 763edits.com Blog Entry

AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 9 Silver State Trail Blazers

Panaca, NV


Round 9 of the National Hare and Hound Series was held in Panaca, NV this weekend and the weather was looking great, had some rainfall which had all of us pumped for the epic dirt we were about to encounter! Friday I was working waiting for my Gerald boss (Chris) to give me the green light to leave. I was antsier than a buck waiting for the rut! Chris finally let me leave around 1PM so I hopped in LB, grabbed some money’s and groceries. I was off like a prom dress, going the speed of light (54MPH) down the SR9! I was watching Step Brothers on the way to the race so it was a peaceful drive down the road. I made it just in time to go check out the bomb and find a good line. I had Brendon Crow, Ben Meza, Kadin (Gerald) Guard and Damon Bush tag along with me for the activities. I found a great line through the bush and couldn’t wait to split the deserts wig.


Race Day!


After checking over the trusty Deere and having one of the great Bangert Breakfast’s, I got dressed and headed to the line. I was relieved when I found out no one took my line. As we were waiting for our turn to go, it started to rain then progressively started to hail. The rider’s we’re pumped, yelling like they were on the set of 300, with less abs of course. Finally it was our turn to go, the banner rose and I set into my daze, not letting go of the movement of the flag. The banner finally dropped, I kicked the Deere and nothing… Kicked it two more times… nothing… Finally it started the fourth kick and I was off, I quickly moved into first before the road crossing. I hesitated on jumping the road; I figured I would let Caselli be the “boss” of the day. When I got across I hit something and before I knew it I saw the sky and the ground then sky then ground. I had gone over the bars, like a Gerald, but I was unharmed. Just got the breath knocked out of me, I made it back to my quad and quickly went up the first hill climb. About a mile in, I was making passes, eager to get to the lead. To all of our surprise, we hit a flash flood. I couldn’t let that stop me, like Mosses, I clicked 4th gear and spread that flood like the red sea. I caught up to the leaders about a mile later and we had a three way battle for the lead. I was waiting patiently for Billy Pulsipher (2012 MRAN GP Champion) to make a mistake, we were stuck behind a dirt bike rider as well. I ended finding a line on the outside and took advantage, making the pass on both riders. I then set my sights on the leader, local Nathan Adams, we got into some more water but it was pretty one lined so passing was going to be difficult. It opened up just enough to slide in for the lead. I was pumped, especially after trying to be Mary Lou Retton on the start.


The best time I had during the race is when I caught up to a vet rider on a XR500. I ended up passing him after doing some bush whacking on the inside. I quickly focused on what was in front of me but no sooner that I did I heard, what I thought to be thunder, but it was that ole XR500 chugging passed me on the inside. A battle had ensued, I would try to take the lead from him and he would block pass me. Mind you, he was sitting down the entire time through some pretty rough stuff, I couldn’t believe it. He would pull me from 2nd to 3rd gear but I would catch him in 4th but it was always too late, he would shut me down on the corners like a young Malcolm. I finally knew I had to make a pass stick; I got him around a fast corner and moved on. I was literally laughing and having a blast the whole time with that dude, I need to shake his hand.


The last 15 miles were rough, a lot of single track which was taking a toll on my hands. I had to ditch my gloves early on from the water stretching them out and making it hard to hold on. I knew I had the number 1 spot so I just took it easy all the way to the finish!


I ended up 1st Quad overall and 1st for my class which put me 26 points in the championship lead. I am pumped to finish out my year in October in Lucerne; I’ll be going hard for the win for the final round.


I have to thank the Blais Racing Crew, Skyler Howes, Chase Ames, Tyler Gardner and the #fasstfamily for helping me this weekend. Also, a big shout out for all of my sponsors, I couldn’t do it without their help!

*Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.



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Memories of old, the ATK 560

80's American Excellence
The ATK 560, a beast of machine

I stumbled across this photo one day, saving it as I thought it would be fun to write about. When I was a kid I thought ATK’s were awesome machines, my Pops rode one, they built trick bikes for their factory racers, and overall the brand just had a romance to it I find hard to place with other eclectic brands of that era.  Seeing or more likely hearing the booming thumpers of Ty Davis and Mike Young racing them had me awe struck. They were so cool.

ATK printed posters on photo stock back in the day and somehow I ended up with one when I was kid. It was proudly displayed on my bedroom wall next to a black and white KTM poster of Jimmy Lewis. The link between Jimmy, ATK’s and my Pops was a great moto shop and performance company by the name of Scotts Performance, great products and people. My Pops was a big ATK guy, he first had a mighty 560 like the one shown here, and then a few 406 two-strokes he spent his time chasing my brother and I around the desert on.  For one reason or another he loved them. I rode his a few times and wondered what he was thinking, but what did I know at 13?

Have you ever seen someone try to start one of these beasts?  If you did not know or follow the drill you would never get the big single fired. My Pops had the drill down, his good friend Jimmy, (not Jimmy Lewis, another Jimmy) who he sold his fine machine too did not have it down consistently.  Now Jimmy is about as well behaved as they come, very courteous, nice, extremely smart, and can fix anything, but trying to start the mighty 560 could bring out the demons in anyone.  My brother and I were surprised at times he didn’t just throw a match on it and walk back to camp, if he got it out of camp in the first place. Sometimes our Pops would goad him, asking if he would like helping starting the American made beauty, this did not go over well.   Lot’s of camp fodder was created around the starting of the ATK.






Cole’s ATC 70

Having recently moved, a fond old friend passed back through my life, my Honda ATC 70.  While this isn’t the original 70 that Santa brought back in 1983, it is the same year, and conjures up incredible memories. I acquired this 70 through trading a set of Flexx Handlebars for it.  Having spent every day since my Father took me to the 1983 Barstow to Vegas committed to a life behind handlebars, the little 70 was a big step in the direction my life would take.  At times being immersed in the sport you love for so many years can leave one a little jaded. This jadedness fades as soon as I see this or any 70 for that matter, the joy, love, and naivety of the time are brought back upon sight.   I’m sure your first bike brings back similar feelings.

How many peoples lives were changed by the ATC 70?

Skyler’s DirtWise Experience


My DirtWise Academy report,

What a awesome experience assisting Shane Watts during his Utah stop of “The DirtWise Academy”. Shane arrived Thursday morning at Fasst Company, while I was in the shop packing orders. Luckily, I have some awesome bosses that let me off work a little early to take Shane out riding right from our shop. Shane and I hopped on the bikes and scouted out the St. George desert for some good spots for his “skill sections”. I thought to myself, “Yeah he’s pretty good” as we were just putting around the trails. Then, he asked if I would do a few demos to kind of test my skill. I gladly got right to it and hit the obstacles to the best of my ability. As I was finishing he waved me over and said, “This is how I want you to do it.” Then he took my bike (seriously he just jumped right on my bike) and made me feel like a beginner through the section we were working on. Everything he asked me to do such as wheelies, corners, ruts, starts and stops put me back to ground zero, showing me how it’s really done. I have been working really hard to improve my riding and this short afternoon some one on one session with Shane showed me a lot of areas I can improve my riding. His knowledge, skills on the bike and practice drills gave me a lot of great insight on how to go faster and ride the bike better. Now I need to put in some time working on what Shane showed me.

Early Friday morning we started the class. I was really surprised to see the variety of riders enrolled in the class. Right from the start Shane almost had everyone’s name memorized, something I was struggling with the whole weekend. It just showed another element to the professional level of Shane’s Academy. A lot of people wondered why we were doing some of the drills, however, Shane made every rider realize how important simple skills like front braking are as the day continued. Every point Shane made always came back around full circle to the message he gives at his Academy. Which was great for me to see that everything you do on the bike makes a difference. With each demo Shane or I did it taught me more and more about bike control. In just two days with him I learned so much more about riding dirt bikes. Those little things everyone seems to look over are some of the things that will help improve your skills the most. I cant give away all the secrets Shane gave, but I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to check out www.shanewatts.com and sign up for one of Shane’s Academies.

Thanks for reading,

Skyler Howes

2 Races 1 Day

The month of January is one of my favorites times of year for the Motocross community. It marks the start of the season or just about everyone except the GNCC guys back east. January 21 marked the opening day of WORCS Quad along with Round 3 of the Supercross series at Dodger Stadium. First up was WORCS at Glen Helen and weather was not making this event easy. I was one of the last people into Glen Helen as the rain washed out part of the entry road with mud. The rain was coming down and they had to cancel the mini quad race for Saturday and push it back to Sunday. Finally about 10:30 the A and B riders lined up, at least the few who where willing to try and make it about the shortened Glen Helen course that was covered in mud and yes it is still raining. Here is a photo I took from the starting line:

The rain finally stopped about 1:00 in the afternoon but the damage had been done and the course was a mess. The riders continued racing for the day and a cancelled pro practice allowed the amazing Glen Helen crew to work on the track and do they best they could to get it ready for the afternoon.  It was now after 2 in the after noon and I had got a text saying they had to minimize the afternoon schedule for Supercross and practice started at 3:45. I left Glen Helen and they had the road fixed and I was off to Dodger Stadium. I made it just in time for practice to find our own Chris Johnson had crashed on the opening lap and knocked himself unconscious and that caused for a red flag. I spent the next hour trying to find Chris and check on him to make sure he was ok. I finally found him in the Asterisk rig and they said he had broken his wrist and knocked a few teeth out. Back to the seats I went to watch the rest of practice where RV2 set the fastest lap of practice!

The Dirt Wurx crew did a great job with the track at Dodger stadium and the rain stayed away for the night. Some great racing went down and also a bad crash for a few racers. I want to close by asking everyone who reads this to put a prayer in for Trey Canard, Ryan Morais and Ivan Tedesco. All riders had a rough night and experienced some bad crashes that will keep them out of action for a few weeks.


X Games

One of our favorite events every year is coming to LA! The X Games! We will be down there all weekend hanging out and watching all the events. As well as supporting all our Fasst Company athletes. We are very excited about the newest event at X called Enduro X! We have several Fasst Company athletes competing. Here is the schedule of events below. Make sure you get tickets ASAP as you do not want to miss this event.



Determination is a huge factor in racing. Some racers have it and some search their entire careers trying to find it. The sad part for racers who struggle to find it is that it’s not a desire that can be found. It is a deep intrinsic motivator that has to come from within the rider. There are only so many times you can get beat and blame external factors like equipment or the track. The reality is it comes down to the determination of the rider. How bad do you really want it?



Johnson & Lamay

The two weeks before the Motocross Nationals are some of my favorite. Southern California becomes the hot spot for testing and training for all the top motocross guys. Now with the USGP at Glen Helen it brings some international talent over as well. Every Thursday Glen Helen holds open practice and with the upcoming nationals and USGP the track was packed! A plethora of top pro’s were out including, Marvin Musquinn and Christophe Pourcel. By the way it is incredible to watch those two guys ride practice. A sight I can’t really explain, Continue


Colton Haaker

I have become a huge fan of Endurocross over the last few years. Having tried to ride it a few times myself I know how much bike skill it takes to make a lap around the course. About 2 years ago I met Colton Haaker and instantly became a fan. I wanted to have him on board with us since that day. I am excited to say we signed him for 2011 and today I got to test with him. He did a few warm up laps and I was already in awe of what he could do on the bike. Watching him just ride over the rock turns, matrix sections, Continue