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The life of a spoke torque wrench.

Most wheel building companies either build the entire wheel with our Spoke Torque Wrench or at least finish the wheel with one. Building or at least finishing  the wheel with a spoke torque wrench is essential to be sure there is an even pull over the whole wheel.  Recently one wheel building company  sent in [...]

My experience riding for the Purvines/Beta team at the Glen Helen 24 Hour

  The 24 Hours of Glen Helen is always a tough event, not one for the weak willed or the faint hearted. It takes an admirable level of commitment to wake from a dead sleep at 3am to put your cold sweaty gear back on your sore and beaten body, to then climb aboard a [...]

Track Day

Last Saturday a couple of us went up to Iron Mine Raceway for some motos.  It’s a good facility near Cedar City, Utah with great dirt. Casey and I were riding new to us bikes for the first time.  Following the 2-stroke resurgence I just rebuilt this KX 250, and Casey’s now on a YZ [...]

Memories of old, the ATK 560

The ATK 560, a beast of machine I stumbled across this photo one day, saving it as I thought it would be fun to write about. When I was a kid I thought ATK’s were awesome machines, my Pops rode one, they built trick bikes for their factory racers, and overall the brand just had [...]

Skyler’s DirtWise Experience

  My DirtWise Academy report, What a awesome experience assisting Shane Watts during his Utah stop of “The DirtWise Academy”. Shane arrived Thursday morning at Fasst Company, while I was in the shop packing orders. Luckily, I have some awesome bosses that let me off work a little early to take Shane out riding right [...]

2 Races 1 Day

The month of January is one of my favorites times of year for the Motocross community. It marks the start of the season or just about everyone except the GNCC guys back east. January 21 marked the opening day of WORCS Quad along with Round 3 of the Supercross series at Dodger Stadium. First up [...]


X Games

One of our favorite events every year is coming to LA! The X Games! We will be down there all weekend hanging out and watching all the events. As well as supporting all our Fasst Company athletes. We are very excited about the newest event at X called Enduro X! We have several Fasst Company [...]