Fasst Company’s New Home!

This has been a crazy year between prepping for moving our operations from California to Utah, keeping the Flexx Handlebar Experience Tour on the road along with all the other components of driving our business forward, organized chaos would be the best way to explain it. Enter my good friend Ryan Orr, the So Cal playboy, test rider extraordinaire and bicycle jockey was going to join me on a quick trip to Utah to check out a possible building for Fasst Company’s new world headquarters then quickly head back to Stateline for a Big 6 GP stop of the Flexx Handlebar Experience Tour. Although Ryan and I have spent a lot of time racing together we hadn’t road tripped or spent much time hanging out in the last few years, quick texts and calls kept us up to date on what was happening in our respective lives, so I was stoked we were pulling this road trip off together. The highlight of the weekend was the 90 minute pro race Ryan was hoping to make some money in Saturday afternoon to avoid the possibility having to secure a real job for another month.

Thursday night we hit the road and pinned it to Washington, Utah. Six hours later we arrive and commence to celebrate our arrival with Chris and his Dad who were prepping Chris’ new digs. Up early Friday we head off to find a suitable location to further our world dominance out of. Suffice to say the search was over when we rolled up Sandhill Drive, which had a nice little single track right at the end of the street. Dream come true, riding right out of our shop, priority #1 for finding a building on my list. The building was great, meeting all of our needs but all of our minds were really on the trails at the end of the street. We didn’t have time to sample the new buildings trail offerings, as Ryan and I had to head south back to Stateline. On the road again…for 5 miles before we had to stop to eat and load up at Wal Mart. Somehow we stumbled into the coolest place in southwest Utah, Peppers Cantina. Turns out the owner of Peppers used to own the local moto track and has decked out his cantina with great moto swag and jerseys. This place felt like home and Ryan knew some kids there from the WORCS series, small world. We spent way to long at Peppers as TCX’s Jamie Foreman and The Motoshow’s Steve “the flying squirrel” Flanders stopped by to partake on their way to Salt Lake for the SX. Finally on the road again, we powered through Vegas and all it’s distractions to arrive at Stateline for the Flexx Handlebar Tour and get some racing in of our own.

Stateline is an exceptional venue for a race with the participants taking over the whole facility it offers a great vibe and a wickedly rough course. Saturday morning came way to early as I headed out to set up the rig for Flexx Handlebar demos and hit the unclassified race while Ryan got his beauty sleep, as our race wasn’t till noon. Lining up next to Ryan was pretty comical as we are absolute opposite ends of the spectrum in race preparation at this point in our lives. He’s fit, prepared and practiced, while I’m not…to say the least. An hour plus later we were both back at the Fasst Company rig safe and sound, Ryan relaxing in winning fashion while I worked on breathing again. My race day was over, but Ryan still had the pro race that afternoon. Coming from behind he earned enough to break even, you can’t win them all.

All in all it was a great weekend hanging out with a good friend, doing work, securing our future and taking the next step for Fasst Company.

-Cole Townsend

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