WORCS Havasu Bike

How could I pass up a chance to go to Lake Havasu for back to back WORCS race weekends? No way I could pass that up. For this weekend I took one of our riders Chris Johnson with me. Chris is still recovering from a crash at the last round so he was unable to race. Chris came over late on Thursday night, but we decided to man up and head out for a late night mission to Havasu in the Fasst Company WarWagon. We stayed at my family’s place in Parker, Arizona rolling into about 2am. We were both wide awake when we got there after talking moto for 4 hours. The next morning we got to the track around 10 and made some rounds in the pits. Practice was underway so I geared up and headed out for a few laps.

The moto course at Havasu is gnarly, super rocky, narrow and slick! I have to give a lot of credit to the riders for racing that course, it was brutal. After practice we hung out at the track for a while while I made sure our Fasst Company riders were set for the weekend. Just as we were about to leave the man Mike Brown, called me and wanted to hang with Johnson and I for the weekend. We picked up Mike on the way out and headed to eat at a place he claimed was “the best Italian food ever”. This place was a little to romantic for a party of 3 moto dudes. The food was ok, I don’t know about the best ever, but we were happy to get out of their after being serenaded by sweet Italian music for an hour. After eating it was back to my house and some serious battling on the original MX Unleashed. Lets just say us rider reps do not get the kind of credit we should as I took Johnson and Brown to school on that game. The next morning Brownie made us get up way to early as WORCS had to move up the time of unclassified pro practice. We were at the track by 6:45am and Johnson and I had to find some coffee to wake us up while Brown was out riding. During practice I got to see our new recruit Jason Parsons on his 373 Kawasaki.

Keep your eyes on Jason, he is a good friend and neighbor of Brenden Ritzman and the kid is on fire right now in the A class. I changed Jason’s Flexx Handlebar set up after practice, setting him up with red compression and red rebound elastomers that he really liked for the Havasu course. He took second on the A class on Saturday and qualified for the pro main on Sunday. Sunday he finished 2nd in Pro Am. His first race with Flexx Handlebars was also his first WORCS race without brutal blisters!

It was Brenden’s birthday the Wednesday, so happy birthday big guy. Ritzman was calm, cool and collected as always and drinking a lot of water after dehydrating himself on Saturday. Rizman held it together on Sunday for a top 10 ride.

The ride home was a lot of fun as well as Johnson, Brownie and I hit the road. Brown entertained us with some great stories about his motocross days and some good old country humor. I always forget that guy is from Tennessee! Johnson kept us laughing with his stories about amateur days. It was a great weekend and I am already excited for the next round of WORCS in Anza.

Chris Avery

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