Skyler’s DirtWise Experience


My DirtWise Academy report,

What a awesome experience assisting Shane Watts during his Utah stop of “The DirtWise Academy”. Shane arrived Thursday morning at Fasst Company, while I was in the shop packing orders. Luckily, I have some awesome bosses that let me off work a little early to take Shane out riding right from our shop. Shane and I hopped on the bikes and scouted out the St. George desert for some good spots for his “skill sections”. I thought to myself, “Yeah he’s pretty good” as we were just putting around the trails. Then, he asked if I would do a few demos to kind of test my skill. I gladly got right to it and hit the obstacles to the best of my ability. As I was finishing he waved me over and said, “This is how I want you to do it.” Then he took my bike (seriously he just jumped right on my bike) and made me feel like a beginner through the section we were working on. Everything he asked me to do such as wheelies, corners, ruts, starts and stops put me back to ground zero, showing me how it’s really done. I have been working really hard to improve my riding and this short afternoon some one on one session with Shane showed me a lot of areas I can improve my riding. His knowledge, skills on the bike and practice drills gave me a lot of great insight on how to go faster and ride the bike better. Now I need to put in some time working on what Shane showed me.

Early Friday morning we started the class. I was really surprised to see the variety of riders enrolled in the class. Right from the start Shane almost had everyone’s name memorized, something I was struggling with the whole weekend. It just showed another element to the professional level of Shane’s Academy. A lot of people wondered why we were doing some of the drills, however, Shane made every rider realize how important simple skills like front braking are as the day continued. Every point Shane made always came back around full circle to the message he gives at his Academy. Which was great for me to see that everything you do on the bike makes a difference. With each demo Shane or I did it taught me more and more about bike control. In just two days with him I learned so much more about riding dirt bikes. Those little things everyone seems to look over are some of the things that will help improve your skills the most. I cant give away all the secrets Shane gave, but I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to check out and sign up for one of Shane’s Academies.

Thanks for reading,

Skyler Howes

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