Mounting Cycra CRM Hand Guards to Flexx Handlebars

Mounting Cycra CRM Hand Guards to Flexx Handlebars


We've had a lot of riders mounting Cycra's CRM guards to Flexx Handlebars lately. Below is a brief how-to. These instructions are for the Cycra CRM and CRM for Flexx Handlebars bars only. The standard Cyrcra Pro Bend guard requires and external mount to reach the pivot pin.  If you have any questions to concerns please call or email us.   

CYCRA CRM Hand Guard Instructions

Mounting Cycra CRM guards is fairly y simple if you have not trimmed your Flexx Handlebar narrower. We do suggest using our 10mm hand guard bolt and bushing kit:, to mount the guard to the pivot pin. Our 10mm button head bolt minimizes the ability for your lines to snag on the bolt head. We also suggest using threaded anchors to secure the guards to the handles. Shown below is the 10mm button head bolt and bushing kit as well as our threaded inserts.


To mount CRM guards you will need to open the 8mm slot shown below where the guard bolts to the pivot pin up to 10mm. Typically you will need to elongate the hole towards the out side of the guard about 1/8”.

Now you can bolt the guard to the pivot pin. Depending on where you have your Flexx Handlebar positioned the guards may sit to high or low. You can easily adjust the angle or height of the guard by bending the portion of the guard that bolts to the handle either up to lower the guard or down to raise the guard. It easiest to do by placing the inner portion of the guard in a vice and twisting the rear of the guard.

 In the photo below we are using a 27mm end wrench to bring the rear of the guard up, which results in the guard sitting lower.


Twisting the guard towards the back of the bar will result in raising the guard.


 It may take a few tweaks to get the guard to sit at an acceptable height. Once you have it where you would like it tighten up the bolts and you are ready to ride.  We suggest using a drop of blue loctite on the 10mm bolt.  

If you have any questions, concerns or need any help please let us know.

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September 14, 2016


Thanks for reaching out with questions. A properly set up wrap around hand guard will not effect the performance of the Flexx Handlebar. Get the hand guard working properly is easy if the right guard and hardware is selected.

We have not seen a change in our damage rate with or without wrap around guards. Typically the guards are damaged long before the bars are. If you do damage a Flexx Handlebar we offer a 50% warranty program for a brand new bar, which ends up being about the cost to replace either a handle or center section with the hardware.

Please let us know what other questions or concerns you have.

jeff przonek
jeff przonek

September 04, 2016

Sorry, not sure why that just sent on its own. Are parts available to fix what I break? The injuries are mounting, broken sternum and 5 broken ribs being the most recent(car crash), had carpal tunnel for ever from being a mechanic. Really hoping these will help.
Thanks for your time

jeff przonek
jeff przonek

September 04, 2016

Looking for an opinion here. Does using a Cycra CRM full rap guard with your mounting kit, limit the responsiveness of the flexx bar versus using an independent Cycra guard? Secondly, crashes happen, I’m not worried about tip overs, etc, but are faster crashes going to damage the bars/ hinge mechanism without the support of a full rap guard? I understand this is a very general question, I am a woods rider, not alot of high speed days for me anymore, just trying to asses the durability of this system, and if I do break something, are parts available for fixing what

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