Mini Major, did you torque your spokes?

Mini Major, it's Transworld Motocross's amateur national, bringing kids from all over the west coast.  The race gets a lot of press on and in the mag which the kids love.  The track was really fast, and hard packed with a lot of jumps, the perfect combination for lots of wheel issues.  We were busy all weekend helping racers, dads and mechanics get there wheels in good working order by using our Spoke Torque Wrench.  

New racers and their parents often don't realize it is necessary to continually check spokes for proper torque, in general it's one of the more confusing components to maintain.  It was cool to see parents instantly get what the Spoke Torque Wrench was about and how it would help them better maintain their racers' wheels. As we've always said, "it takes the guess work out."  To confirm the directions we supply with our wrench are as helpful as we hoped we watched a few Dads use the directions and the spoke torque wrench for the first time. As we suspected, they brought their wheel up to torque, maintaining the same trueness they started with.   

Big jumps, high speeds and hard dirt, the perfect combination for lots of wheel failures. 

If you see the #FasstSprinter, come by and check your spokes! 




Cole Townsend
Cole Townsend


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