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On a blistery winter morning we pointed the WarWagon south to hit some Cali moto tracks and meet up with Simon and Lisa of 2RidetheWorld.  We rolled into Competitive Edge about 9a.m. for my boys to do some moto.


With motos done for the day we  headed to Riverside BMW. When meeting Simon and Lisa it is immediately apparent the Adventure couple are wise in the ways of the world few are, youthful and sharp. With pleasantries exchanged we got down to business, checking out the work of adventure art Simon's BMW 1200 GSA LC and Lisa's BMW 800 GSA had been transformed into. Each component they chose had been scrutinized and tested before being installed, resulting in bikes that are able not just navigate the globe but go the way less traveled. 

 At the time of our meeting, Simon and Lisa had not had any experience with Flexx Handlebars, other than mounting them on their bikes and riding them around the parking lot. They immediately noticed the drastically improved ergos our Adventure bend allowed.  Mounting the the Touratech hand guards was a challenge, but with the use of our Kudla Connections the task was simplified an finished.  With the hand guards mounted they were officially ready to resume their 'normal' life, with Baja being the first destination.  We said our goodbyes, and wished them a safe journey.

 A few weeks after our visit Simon checked in with some amazing photos and and an update on their Flexx Handlebar experience. No surprise, they were loving the vibration and abuse reduction the big bikes threw off.  Feeling fresher day after day on the bike.

Simon and Lisa have recently decided to hang in Baja for the foreseeable future, hosting tours. Check their website out to learn more: http://2ridetheworld.com


We've had a lot of riders mounting Cycra's CRM guards to Flexx Handlebars lately. Below is a brief how-to. These instructions are for the Cycra CRM and CRM for Flexx Handlebars bars only. The standard Cyrcra Pro Bend guard requires and external mount to reach the pivot pin.  If you have any questions to concerns please call or email us.   

CYCRA CRM Hand Guard Instructions

Mounting Cycra CRM guards is fairly y simple if you have not trimmed your Flexx Handlebar narrower. We do suggest using our 10mm hand guard bolt and bushing kit: http://www.fasstco.com/collections/motorcycle/products/simple-solution-bolt-kit, to mount the guard to the pivot pin. Our 10mm button head bolt minimizes the ability for your lines to snag on the bolt head. We also suggest using threaded anchors to secure the guards to the handles. Shown below is the 10mm button head bolt and bushing kit as well as our threaded inserts.


To mount CRM guards you will need to open the 8mm slot shown below where the guard bolts to the pivot pin up to 10mm. Typically you will need to elongate the hole towards the out side of the guard about 1/8”.

Now you can bolt the guard to the pivot pin. Depending on where you have your Flexx Handlebar positioned the guards may sit to high or low. You can easily adjust the angle or height of the guard by bending the portion of the guard that bolts to the handle either up to lower the guard or down to raise the guard. It easiest to do by placing the inner portion of the guard in a vice and twisting the rear of the guard.

 In the photo below we are using a 27mm end wrench to bring the rear of the guard up, which results in the guard sitting lower.


Twisting the guard towards the back of the bar will result in raising the guard.


 It may take a few tweaks to get the guard to sit at an acceptable height. Once you have it where you would like it tighten up the bolts and you are ready to ride.  We suggest using a drop of blue loctite on the 10mm bolt.  

If you have any questions, concerns or need any help please let us know.

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