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We love hearing about riders experience with Flexx Handlebars. If you have a story about your experience with Flexx Handlebars, we'd love to hear it!

From Jamen: 

"Flexx Handlebars helping me navigate through the Rockies! Guys, I've ran these bars for years and have recommended them to tons of friends. Recently I wanted to try out a different brand just to make sure I was running what was best for me. I ran a pair of Renthals through the ringer and after about four rides I couldn't take it any longer. I bolted my Fasst Co. Bars back on and I am a renewed believer that these bars are a MUST have! Get rid of the nasty vibrations, take a big step forward in reducing your arm pump, and get yourself the best looking bars on the market! Not only will you be getting the best bars for riding, but you will be supporting a local down to earth company that gives back to off-road!"



We met Simon and Lisa close to two years ago when they were building new bikes to continue their exploration of the globe.  The world travelers had settled down for a few weeks at Riverside BMW to build out a GSA 1200 LC for Simon and a F800 GS for Lisa.  A mutual friend, Baja Rally, put us in touch with them as they were searching for a more comfortable ride on the new bikes and he suggested Flexx Handlebars.  30,000 miles later they have a review up on their experience with Flexx Handlebars.

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