Individual Flexx Handlebar Elastomers

Individual Flexx Handlebar Replacement Elastomers.

Keep your Flexx Handlebars performing like new.

Just like your suspension, elastomers do need to be freshened up. We recommend changing your compression elastomers every 8-12 months to be sure you Flexx Handlebars are performing as intended.

Elastomer color break down:
(#1) Black - SX Firm
(#2) Red - Hard
(#3) Yellow - Medium
(#4) Blue - Soft
(#5) Green - VERY Soft, great in our Low Bar and Mini Bends. 


Setup Tips

    1. Most common setup

      Most riders prefer Yellow Compression Elastomers with Red Rebounds.

    1. OE Adjustments

      The stock setting on the nut is 3 threads showing past the nut.

    1. Fine tuning tips

      Each elastomer is tunable on it’s own by going in or out with the nut. If you go in on the nut it will stiffen the bars, going out will make the bar more compliant.

    Elastomers 101


    Elastomer Installation

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