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Flexx Handlebar Kudla Connection

Easy way to mount most handguards

With simplicity and adjustability in mind, the Kudla Connection allows riders to mount most hand guards to the Flexx Handlebar at the pivot point, complementing the bar’s articulation. Although the Kudla Connection works with most guards it works best with Enduro Engineering, Moose, MSR, and G2 style guards. Cycra Pro Bends require some tweaking to sit at the correct angle. Most Cycra Pro Bend users prefer our BRP Mount:

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Back story on the Kudla Connection: This mount is aptly named the Kudla Connection as it’s original design was brought to us by long time Flexx Handlebar riders, Ryan and Erek Kudla.

Ryan, the big brain in desert racing, with multiple off-road championships as well as qualifying for ISDE in 2013 to his credit, has currently advanced to Candidacy in the Ph.D. program at UCR with an emphasis in Physical Chemistry.

Erek, an accomplished racer, and committed promoter, has switched gears to creating really fun off-road races through his organization. Beside his own GXE series, Erek works with the National Hare and Hound, Score and West CHEC Enduro series. The Kudla’s are a great family of passionate motorcycle racers, we’re stoked they’re part of the #FasstFamily.



What's in the box

  1. 10mm button head bolts and stays to bolt directly into the Flexx Handlebars pivot pin
  2. 8mm button bolt and nut to attach the guard to the Kudla Connection



Kudla Connection Installation

Tools needed:5mm alan & 6mm alan

The Kudla Connection works well with most wrap around hand guards. In the above photos they are attached to an Enduro Engineering and Cycra guard. Both guards fit better after bending them slightly. Most guards are able to take some bending but caution is necessary. Do not bend Acerbis guards.

Run the 10mm bolt through the Kudla Connection and the stainless steel stay. Snug the bolt just enough to be able to move the Kudla Connection and have it stay in the desired position. This will allow you to more easily be able to adjust the hand guard height and install the bolt and nut. Next install the hand guard with your desired anchor system into the handle. We prefer threaded bar anchors as they eliminate slipping when impacted. Snug the bolt so the guard can be moved yet stay in place without holding it.

Line up the guard with the Kudla Connection, install the 8mm button head bolt and nut. The nut should fit in the recessed rectangle in the back of the Kudla Connection with the locking portion facing the out. Move the guard to where you prefer it to sit and tighten both bolts connecting the hand guard to the bar and the Kudla Connection. Next tighten the 10mm bolt threaded into the pivot pin, once the pivot pin spins the bolt is tight. Verify that your brake/clutch cables and lines will not snag on any part of the mount or hand guard. Please call Fasst Company with any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help you. 877-­‐306-­‐1801

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