Flexx Handlebar Rebound Elastomer Kit

Rebound Elastomers

Absorb the abuse on both directions

Rebound elastomers further absorb high frequency abuse and vibration. The Standard Rebound Elastomers are half the height of our Compression Elastomers, with a different chemical make up to control the articulation of the Flexx Handlebars during the upward movement.

 We now offer a Short Rebound Kit for riders that need a little extra clearance. The Short Rebound Kit consists of a shorter bolt and rebound elastomer. Which can be seen in picture #2 & 3 above. 


Elastomer color break down:
 (#1) Red - Hard
(#2) Yellow - Medium
(#3) Red Short-Hard, short for more clearance. 


    1. Most common setup

      Most riders prefer Red Rebounds. Red Rebounds absorb abuse but don’t allow you to pull up on the handles.

    1. Stiffest Option

      Black Rebound Elastomers work well for our SX and EX riders, but move out of the confines of a stadium and those riders are using Red Rebounds.

    1. Yellow VS. Red

      Yellow Rebounds absorb more abuse than the Red but allow the rider to slightly pull up on the bar. There are some extremely fast racers that choose Yellow Rebounds, claming they hit obstacles harder with them.

    1. Works with any Flexx Handlebar

      Older generation Flexx Handlebars that did not come with Rebound Elastomers can be upgraded with this kit.


What's in the box

  1. (4) Rebound Elastomers (of your durometer choice)
  2. (2) Washers
  3. (2) Bolts
  4. (2) Lock nuts


Compression VS. Rebound Elastomers


Elastomer Installation

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