What Your Passenger Has Been Waiting For

For years we’ve had requests to build a grab bar for the Polaris RZR with our patented handlebar technology, thus introducing the CoPilot.

Re-engineered specifically to absorb the abuse the passenger experiences. The CoPilot provides a dramatically smoother ride, allowing the passenger to brace for bumps and impacts without abuse being transferred. The CoPilot is tunable to the passenger preferences with two different stiffness’s of elastomers.

Fasst Company’s CoPilot, like all Fasst Company products, is 100% American Made. The CoPilot is manufactured using the same production techniques and tolerances used in their Flexx Handlebar, to ensure an extremely long lasting and durable performance product.

Take pride in where you purchase your products; we build 100% of this product right here in the US.


  1. Reduces fatigue & armpump

    Reduces fatigue and a pain caused by bumps, sharp impacts and in car abuse.

  1. Stabilizes

    Helps the passenger better stabilize themselves.

  1. Adjustable

    Tunable, dial the CoPilot in to your personal preferences through included interchangeable elastomers.

  1. Dialed for a Proper Feel

    Ergonomically correct, the CoPilot offers the right amount of sweep for the highest degree of comfort.



What’s in the box

  1. The CoPilot 



Application Chart

UTV Applications Part Number
'12-'17 Polaris RZR