Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Flexx Handlebars - Controlled, consistent, precise, and tunable.

Our philosophy has always been to minimize the abuse as naturally as possible. You shouldn't feel your bars move while riding, correct? We agree, but there are a lot of benefits if you do it right, and that’s where our philosophy comes in. The fact that our handlebar travels in the same plane as the suspension is not by accident or oversight, it’s by design, in an effort to maintain traditional characteristics.

Think of the Flexx Handlebars as independent suspension for your hands. All the movement of the bar is articulating near the plane of the front suspension for the most natural feel possible. You should never feel a properly set up Flexx Handlebar move (unless you’re pushing on it, on the stand), it should feel similar to a traditional handlebar on the track/trail but you should notice substantially less abuse at the hands and upper body throughout the ride. That’s not magic, that’s years of testing and development at play. That’s our philosophy. That is why the Flexx Handlebar feels like a traditional bar on the bike. That is why your suspension will feel like it's working better. And that is why you will not feel the handlebar "moving" while riding.

Flexx Handlebars absorb abuse in the load path of the suspension while remaining precise in the steer path. This provides you, the rider, with precision handling and maximum abuse reduction. We took the same tact when developing our Impact footpegs, so as not to change the characteristic but still absorb abuse.

Recently, there has been discussion about minimizing abuse in a 360 degree manner. Can you name a single suspension component on a motorcycle, quad, car, SxS, mountain bike, F1 car, or anything else that moves in 360 degrees? Suspension components are controlled in a precise and consistent manner. In other words, tied to a single plane, not multi directional movement. Multi directional movement degrades feel, input, and adds vagueness in steering, taking the consistent and precise control characteristics out of the equation. We’re not willing to sacrifice control by allowing the bar to move in any direction possible.

With 360 degrees of movement, you’re steering through that movement before the bike reacts, even if it’s ever-so-slightly. This is what we refer to as "changing the touch points" of the bike and how you control it. In addition, when you load one side of the bar the opposite side of the bar will come up. This is what we call the “rowing sensation” or “teeter effect”.

Originally, the Flexx Bar did not have crossbars, at that point riders noted fore aft movement of the bar, yielding what many described as the aforementioned rowing sensation”. The bar was absorbing some abuse, but overall was moving and not offering the feedback or input we wanted out of the design. It wasn't until crossbars were added, boxing the pivot points, that feedback became positive, detailing the bar working in sync with the suspension for a much more natural feel...Resulting in precise control, input, and performance.

With all the movement tied near the same plane of the suspension, adding a Flexx Bar provides increased confidence in the front end. From tracking, to small bump compliance, you'll notice the bar smoothing the terrain and allowing you to charge obstacles harder, while riding longer with less fatigue.


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