ABI900 Applications & Installation

Application Chart:

Applications Part Number
Flexx Handlebars ABI-900
7/8" Aluminum (Renthal and most other aluminum 7/8") ABI-900
Taper Style bars (Will not work in Pro Taper Contour as of Summer 2023) ABI-900
**Not compatible with Renthal Twinwall

Handguard Installation Instructions:

  1. Start by tapping the inside of the handle with the provided 5/8” tap. Make sure tap follows center line of the handlebar I.D.   Starting the tap at an angle to the center line of the I.D. may not allow the Insert to install properly. If you do not have a tap handle that fits the 5/8” tap a 11mm open-end wrench will do. Apply in-ward pressure on the tap to more easily enable it to cut threads.  You will have to back the tap out a few times, blowing the handle and tap off. Match the tap to center line of the handlebar end I.D., rotate tap clockwise until top thread is flush with end of the handlebar. Approximately every ½ turn, turn tap back counterclockwise to “break chips” for easier tapping. Using light oil, like WD-40 also helps. Remove tap when threading is completed.
  2. With the bar tapped the Insert can be installed. On most bars there is a step around 2.5" from the end of the bar. Apply force at the end of the Insert to get the o-ring into the small diameter. 
  3. Using an 8mm allen thread the Insert into the bar. There will be some drag while tightening the insert. Bottom the Insert out on the threads to a maximum torque of 25 foot pounds.   
  4. Next mount your hand guards using the supplied 8mm bolts.