Price Change

Price Change Announcement


Dear Fasst Family,

This email is to notify you that Fasst Company will be implementing a price change to select products (detailed below) effective immediately, June 1st, 2021.

As a small company we've always worked hard to keep operating costs low. However, rising costs of materials, packaging, shipping, and energy have become too much to absorb. Fasst Company will continue to absorb as best we can, but no amount of resourcefulness is able to offset our cost increases.

If you have an order in, the pricing will not change, but new orders placed from this point forward will reflect new pricing which has already been updated on our website,

We appreciate your understanding and your support as we continue to to manufacture the best American Made performance products available. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Thank you,

Chris Tidwell

Vice President, Fasst Company




PRODUCT  -  New Pricing

Flexx Handlebars  -  $399.99

Spoke Torque Wrench  -   Preset $124.99

Spoke Torque Wrench  -  Adjustable $144.99

Spoke Wrench Heads  -  $17.99

Rear Brake Clevis’  -  $44.99

Elastomer Kits  -  $29.99

Impact Peg Elastomer Kits  -  $29.99

Compression Elastomers  -  $5/each

Rebound Elastomers  -  $4/each