On the left is a bolt for the high bar, while on the right the bolt is for our standard and low offering.
On the left is the Standard/Low bolt option, while on the right is the High bolt.
High bolt is on the left, Standard/Low bolt is on the right.

Flexx Handlebar Replacement Bolt Kit

Regular price$ 5.00

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Complete bolt and nut kit to replace the (2) elastomer retention bolts.

Bolts are 70mm in length. We have three different bolt kits; one for the low bar (68mm tall), one for the standard height bar (92mm tall), and one for the tall bar (116mm tall). The bolts for the standard height bar have a machined bolt head that allows the bolt to sit on the 1 1/8" center tube. 

If you're not sure which you need give us a call.