Flexx Handlebar steering damper bar pads are available in several colors.
Flexx Handlebar steering damper crossbar pad.
Orange steering damper crossbar pad for Flexx Handlebars.
Flexx Handlebar damper pads available in sliver.
Black Flexx Handlebar damper crossbar pad.
Over the bar steering damper crossbars and pads.
Over the handlebar Scotts Damper crossbar and bar pad set up.

Damper Crossbar Pad

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Change up the look of your Flexx Handlebars with a new color; we have them all.

Change the look of your bars with a new bar pad color, or simply replace a damaged pad. Damper Crossbar Pads are for Flexx Handlebars utilizing steering damper crossbars that accommodate over the bar steering damper set ups. THESE ARE NOT THE REGULAR CROSSBAR PADS!