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Anti-Vibration Inserts

Quick installation, incredible difference.


The best kept secret in the pro pits, our Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts have been a staple since we introduced them in 1999.


A discreet, but incredibly effective component to any serious racer or casual rider, our inserts do a great job absorbing the vibration transferred from the bars to your hand yielding less fatigue and arm pump. Riders have been installing in them in anything with handlebars from quads to superbikes with great results.

Constructed out of brass with an elastomer expansion joint mounted inside of the handlebars, rubber mounting the mass to absorb the vibration. The Anti-Vibration Bar Insert kit comes with different end caps to work with most common wrap around hand guards. The Anti Vibration Bar Inserts seal off the inside of the bar, preventing debris inside of your handlebar. 

Due to rider requests we now offer Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts in a street application. Our Road Anti-Vibe Insert has a powder coated steel end cap that helps further reduce vibration. Clean and simple, knock down those street vibes with our Road Insert.



  1. Reduces fatigue & armpump

    The design and materials used provides a smooth and incredibly controlled feel at the hands.

  2. Used by the best

    Many factory teams throughout the world use our anti-vibration inserts to increase control.

  3. Fits most aluminum handlebars

    We’ve created a few variations to fit almost any type of aluminum handlebar. They also work with most full-wrap handguards.

  4. 100% American Made.

    Take pride in where you purchase your products; we build 100% of this product right here in the US.



What’s in the box

  1. (2) anti-vibration inserts (built with 35mm long bolts)


Application Chart

Applications Part Number
Flexx Handlebars ABI-200
7/8" Aluminum (Renthal and most other aluminum 7/8") ABI-200
1 1/8" Aluminum (Renthal Fat Bar, Pro Taper and most oversized aluminum bars with 13.5mm I.D.) ABI-200
All Twin Wall / Double Wall ABITW-300



Installation Instructions

  1. Lightly Lubricate the o-ring and bar insert. To much grease will cause the bar insert to spin. Before installing in pro-taper style bars, remove the o-ring and install the insert to make sure that it fits all the way in. If it fits easily, try it with the o-ring on. The o-ring is optional, it may have to be removed on some bars.
  2. Install the bar insert by pushing only on the allen bolt with a 5mm allen wrench. If you press on the bar insert cap, you will not be able to push it all the way in. This will also damage the expansion piece.
  3. If installing with hand guards follow the diagram to the right.
  4. Tighten allen bolt snug, not too tight. Apply the grip over the bar and Bar Insert on the left side. Slide the throttle tube over the bar and Bar Insert on the right side.



Anti Vibration Insert Installation

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