Rear Brake Clevis - ATV

Rear Brake Clevis - ATV

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1. Fixes Oem Pedal Play

2. Durable Titanium Pin & Bushing

3. Made In America

Application Chart

ATV Applications Part Number
TRX 450R All BC-102H
YFZ450 All BC-103Y
TRX 450 All BC-107H
KFX 450 All BC-105K

There are two specific differences between Fasst Company's clevis and other brake clevis.

First, we manufacture every clevis for a specific application. There are small differences in every manufactures tolerances that would allow us to manufacture only two clevis' to cover all Japanese motocross bike applications. We don't do that as the difference in tolerances is what makes the clevis either eliminate play in our case or create it in the case of other manufactures.

Second, we manufacture our clevis with a titanium pivot bushing matched to our pivot pin, which in turn is matched to the bushing in your brake pedal. Most other clevis manufactures do not utilize a pivot bushing and if they do they combine applications and open tolerances creating play.

We build each clevis to the specific tolerances of your bikes rear pedal bushing. You get real performance and durability with a Fasst Company Rear Brake Clevis.

  1. Rear Brake Clevis
  2. Ti Pin & Bushing
  3. Cotter pin

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Rear Brake Control, Greatly Improved.

Our Rear Brake Clevis is designed to offer better pedal modulation and feel. 

Allowing you to have better control of the rear brake by eliminating the "play" in the stock clevis. For the past decade every Factory Team has made one off clevis' to eliminate the play, our clevis offers the same performance benefits without the commitment to a big dollar contract and trophy girls that the factory contract comes with!

The Fasst Company rear brake clevis is manufactured out of billet aluminum and utilizes a titanium pin and bushing with oil slick finish. The pivot pin is specifically designed to fit the bushing in the OEM rear pedal eliminating all play felt through the pedal. Anodized red, blue or black depending on the make of bike. 

Customer Reviews

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Awsome product 👍

John Oaks
ATV rear brake clevis

Super easy to install. It makes adjusting your brake pedal a breeze and gives you a firm feeling brake pedal. Love it.

Ben Biton

Hi I paid for high shipping and I still haven't received the products

Robert Leo

Rear Brake Clevis - ATV

Candice Thurman
Honda trx450 brake clevis

Beautifully made product. Fit and finish was perfect.